3 Herrengasse, Graz, Steiermark 8010, AT

Call Gina for more information

JaYOGA at Andechsstrasse 48

(over the MPREIS Supermarkt , ring the bell to open the door. The door to the meeting is to the left of the MPreis entrance, at the JaYOGA studio entrance.)

Widum Pfarrheim Clubraum 3



In the hospital, Room 42 is on the first floor

Konventhospital der Barmherzigen Brüder

(upstairs, in 1. Stock) Room 42

With the COVID-19 Basic Measures Ordinance valid from March 5, 2022, there are no longer any rules for self-help groups!

COVID-19-BMV Ausgegeben am 3. März 2022
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