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Online Meeting Schedule

• Daily 10am “Mornings with Friends of Bill W” *open meeting (all fellowships welcome)

In accordance with the lifting of restrictions for “Self Help” groups to meet face to face in Austria it is possible some of the following meetings listed below are no longer held online but may have resumed face to face meetings. Please see the Meeting Schedule as meetings again are listed as taking place.
• Monday 7:30pm bilingual EN DE *open meeting
• Tuesday 7pm *closed meeting
• Wednesday 12:30pm *open meeting
• Friday 12:30pm *open meeting
• Saturday 6pm “Women’s Meeting” Women only *closed meeting (last Saturday open)
• Saturday 7:30pm *closed meeting (1st Saturday open)
• Sunday 11am *closed meeting (3rd Sunday open)

*open meetings: open for anyone to join regardless if one has a problem with alcohol
*closed meetings: open ONLY for those people who may have a problem with alcohol

It is not necessary to visit this page to enter, as you may simply join the meeting by typing the url into your web browser. You will be directed to the online meeting room where all meetings take place.

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