Report from the AA Convention in Trogir

Trogir – Two conventions, one higher power!

Two nights before our road trip to the 2017 AA and NA Conventions in Trogir, Croatia, I was being of service to someone in the fellowship by escorting her home from a gig loaded with open bars. We were rewarded with this nail in my tire, which had been a gift roughly 100km prior. Luckily my favorite mechanics were able to replace the tire immediately, and this tire actually got us back into town with one breath if fresh air.

New tire installed, two friends of the fellowship climbed into my car and we drove down to Trogir to meet up with one of our fellows who was already down there. This was the view hat we saw before our descent towards Trogir.

The following morning I registered myself at the hotel for both conventions and attended meetings at both the AA and NA convention.

Immediately I bumped into two familiar faces from Vienna at the AA convention.  It helped me feel safe right away.

The old city of Trogir offered some pleasant scenes of the Adriatic when we went out for our first night of bonding: Pizza!

This restaurant was actually recommended by the gent who made sure our car got a new tire hours before our departure!

And the Pizza was worth the wait!

I ended up spending most of my time at the NA convention, most likely because it was physically closer to the sea, where my higher power wanted me to go swimming as much as possible. There was enough time between meetings to enjoy a swim or some of the delicious food options!

One the last day I went sailing with some new friends I had made at the convention!

Before I left Croatia, I made sure I knew what my next convention would be. I decided that I would visit places I always wanted to go by letting my higher power escort me to conventions. Next stop: Japan!

The trip taught me that there is a lot of fellowship at conventions, and that you can’t fix the shit in your head with the shit in your head. I’m grateful for all the fine folks I met as we shared a bit of the road together of our happy destiny! Trogir was certainly one we will never forget and hopefully re-visit. Special thanks also to my good friends from Vienna for being by my side, and to our steadfast webmaster for encouraging me to write this post.

May it happen to you.